Week number 2 and I’ve officially had to deal with my first annoying person.

This week I was sent to a store with a new group of people to work with and among these people was a woman who we’re going to call Em. Em is an older woman and my first interaction with her was indirectly through my boss.

He called me up and asked me if I would mind driving Em from the hotel to the store because the roads were pretty bad due to a winter storm. Well I didn’t mind this at all. …

For anyone who’s read my blog before, you’ll know that I was not exactly excited about this job.

Please don’t misunderstand — I was very grateful to have the job offer and happy to do it, but the work itself isn’t exactly sparking joy and the pay is just — it’s not BAD but it’s not good either!

And this job definitely deserves more pay. (Most jobs deserve more pay to be fair, but that includes this job!)

So the break down. I am a reset merchandiser. Basically I go into stores that are remodeling or resetting and I help…

I hate the idea of milestones; they never live up to your expectations.

“Wow, you’re 30! What a milestone!” Except my 30th birthday felt like just another birthday and we’re edging on the unfortunate feeling that birthdays feel like just another day.

“Wow, you got your first salaried position!” Except it wasn’t the best salary, I still struggled with money and now if I work overtime I don’t get paid for it.

“Wow a new car!” Except now I have 20% of my paycheck going toward paying for it.

I think one of the worst things about growing up is…

Let me tell you something; I am grateful. I am, really. I know that there are tons of people out there who can’t find work and even moreso since the pandemic hit. I know that people have spent months and months trying to find something that will help pay the bills and that I am so lucky.

But this isn’t about those people. This is about me. Everyone says to stop comparing yourself to others, but then they look at you and say “Be grateful, there are people way worse off than you” and while that’s true, isn’t that still…

It’s a talent really. I can tell that my friends are starting to get fed up with this particular talent, and I’m shamelessly refusing to put them out of the misery. It’s fun to see them try and find topics that I can’t possibly bring race into, and it’s even more fun to watch the eye rolls when I prove them wrong.

They try to bring up fun, lighthearted topics like “how Disney gave me unrealistic expectations”. This is an easy one of course. Disney gave you unrealistic expectations because you don’t have cute critters cleaning your house? Let’s discuss…

It’s the beginning again. I love that.

The idea that it’s a new, fresh start from all the shit of the last year. Of course there are some things that have transferred over, but that minuscule detail is not what’s important.

It’s that time of year where we sit down and write out or think up our goals. We make outrageous promises, blindly ignore past discrepancies, and then sadly slide off the wagon when we don’t succeed.

Last year my resolution was to not make any resolutions. I was able to keep up with that all year round, though I…

In order to be a well rounded, open minded, constantly learning individual, I believe it’s important to try new things. Often this phrase is associated with traveling or trying a new restaurant, but part of growing up is coming into contact with new things.

All the time.

I can’t tell you how many beauty products, streaming services, apps, games, clothes and general items I have come into contact with over the years. Things that I will look at, consider for a moment and then pass over in lieu of something familiar.

“That new burger does look good…but what if I…

Friend: a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection.

This is the definition that popped up when I typed the word into my handy dandy Google page, and I think it’s a pretty good one.

I’ve had some pretty crappy friendships in my time, but none have ever been so bad as one I’ve had over the past few years.

I began going to a “hip and trendy” church and immediately got involved. I made a huge group of friends, enjoyed speaking about the Lord with these people and felt so welcomed and…

When my mother told her mother that she was pregnant, my grandmother responded with “…I’m worried about the children.”

I assume this phrase got it’s start right around the time that mixed race marriage became legal and somehow it hasn’t lost its luster. I have friends today who have heard this phrase spoken by their parents and they explain to me that their parents aren’t racist, they’re just ‘worried about our children.’

This phrase is, for lack of a better word, stupid. It’s coded language that is meant to hide the fact that a mixed race couple make people uncomfortable.

Mixed America

I am a product of mixed America, learning to see the world for what it is: a giant mixing bowl of intrigue, wonder and beauty.

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